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Nude Photography 

Work from the portfolios:
Anna & Alex
Anne (New)


General Motives

Photo work from the Flower Power Portfolio, seascapes, cityscapes and more..... 



Studied at School of Printmaking and Design, Cologne, Germany and at Dun Laogharie School of Art and Design, (IADT) Dublin, Ireland. During his art career lived and worked among others in Ireland, Spain, Argentina, Taiwan, Australia, India , Russia. Armenia and Mexico. 2008 switched form painting and sculpting towards photography, and digital printmaking In 2009 begins with nude photography. From 2010 onward conducted several photo, video collaboration projects in where the nude body plays a the main role. The projects include artists and models from Taiwan, Russia, Armenia, Greece, Canada, Moldavia, Netherlands, Germany and Mexico. During 2012 first try outs with the medium video. In 2014 first full video films and first performance works. 
Since 2010 photography and video work was and is regularly presented at exhibitions and festivals in Europe, Russia, Southeast Asia, Far East, The Americas and Africa 

In part in my work the nude human body plays important role. The idea behind this concept is for  to underline the subjects of body awareness, the relation towards the social and environment around us and maybe most important the vulnerability of humans respectively our self.