naughty intimate moments

All pictures belong to the Naughty Nude series. The motifs are generally a bit more daring than my normal nude and erotic works. Most of the motifs can be purchased in my Etsy-Shop. The pictures are suitable for postcards or as decorative miniature photography on the wall. The motifs have been carefully digitally processed
Are the selected images controversial, shocking, just disgusting obscene or political incorrectness.? At the beginning hesitating a bit to publish it, but finally controversial, shocking or disgusting, no I wouldn't agree.

It depends in which context the perception takes place. Sexuality, sexual preferences, desires related to the functions of the body if is related to genders and sexuality still rise controversial issues and getting quiet often facing censorship. Sometimes muzzled of today Zeitgeist term political correctness. We live in an epoch which can accept images of cruel violence, twisted and tear apart bodies. Often freely presented and available to everybody. But soon as it comes to human bodies and its function in the context of sexuality, desires or to be naughty in a harmless way it has still often to be hide away.